Latest Trends In Wedding Flowers

Are you lost in planning a 2017 wedding, sinking deeper into the hole of ripping pages from wedding magazines and artfully curating specific pinterest sub categories? Are you unsure how to tell your mom you don’t want her to make your wedding bouquet out of the flowers she is growing in her windowsill? Did you know that you’re supposed to be blissfully happy while engaged instead of watching clumps of your own hair fall out in the shower and wondering how you got so stressed?

Yes, this is another wedding blog. However, I encourage you to sit back, take a deep breath, and let an actual florist tell you some realistic yet totally dreamy trends to consider for your upcoming nuptials. I mean, sure, you can let a 16 year old fashion blogger from Los Angeles tell you to braid rose petals into your hand fasting ceremony, but I encourage you to take into consideration advice from a florist when it comes to practical wedding planning. We may not be psychics, but we can look into the future of trends for the year and leave you feeling prepared to feel beautiful on your special day.

Textured Botanicals

If you’ve been attending weddings for the past 5 years (or just peeking at wedding blogs and quickly minimizing the window when your partner comes in the room) you’ll know that succulents are not breaking news. However, in 2017 succulents are blossoming (ha) from rustic hay bale wedding to textured, cool tone, woodsy-chic. Draped, lush greens paired with subtle cool toned flowers and pops of different sized succulents are used to create dimension and please the eye. Succulents can be safely anchored in handheld bouquets, boutonnieres, crowns, and centerpieces.


The Modern Cascade

Most people associate the cascade style of bouquet with the 80’s and Princess Diana’s iconic wedding style. What goes around comes around as we revisit this retro style with new modern techniques. With the popularity of wilder textured looks, it’s only natural that a draped style would emerge in a new modern way. Think less Princess Diana, and more of a wild waterfall style. You can achieve this look with a variety of different stylish greens, big focal flowers like peonies or dahlias, and long draping flower like heather or orchids.


Feature “Greenery”

Pantone just announced it’s color of the year, a bright neutral green called Greenery. While some are disappointed in it’s simplicity, it is the perfect color to feature in a spring or summer wedding. It’s neither too cold or too warm so it compliments all skin tones and color pallets. Think about featuring more wild and textured greens in your wedding or go all out with a monochromatic greenery soiree.




Break the Mold with an Open Bouquet

Watching brides open up their tight globe-like bouquets and let loose with wilder garden looks has been my pleasure to watch over the years. In order to produce more drama and also include every flower your heart desires, you can consider a a more wide modern bouquet. This look is a bold, brazen, and beautiful addition to any modern or vintage inspired wedding. The lovely thing about this style of bouquet is that it can be achieved with almost any flower, so it’s up to you and your florist to dream up your perfect blooms.


Goodbye Blush, Hello Bright!

For years we’ve seen blush and white, cream and white, taupe and white. While these colors will always be classic, we’re seeing brides start to come out of their shell and express themselves through color. Flowers naturally come in vivid colors, why not use them! Peonies, roses, dahlias, protea, and orchids all come in bright colors that you can mix and match to perfect your perfect pallet.