National Good Neighbor Day was made official in 1978 by then-President Jimmy Carter.

It is celebrated annually on September 28th. It’s a great way to remember that our neighbors are there to help and for us to do the same in return. We look after each other and help where possible.

Many times, our neighbors even become our friends.

Despite the digital age, these face-to-face interactions are still very important and necessary to our lives.

They are human bonds that also keep an area safe and looking their best. We take pride in our homes so it helps when everyone works together to maintain it.

Whether it’s a long-time neighbor or someone new to the area, make the most of Good Neighbor Day with a kind word, special note, or even a gift.

In fact, we have some great gift ideas that you can drop off or have delivered from our Rochester flower shop:

Autumn Grace

This fall flower arrangement contains roses, lilies, and asters in a plum glass cube vase. These flowers are accented by purple chrysanthemums and seafoam statice.

Autumn Romance Bouquet

This bouquet features roses and warm autumn blooms arranged within a bronze mirrored glass cube.

Garden Delights

This colorful flower arrangement comes in a bamboo box. There is a mix of hot pink and lime green hues.

You’re A Gem Bouquet

This sparkling floral bouquet offers roses and lilies in an exclusive violet couture vase.

Dish Garden Ceramic Planter – Premium

Fruit & Gourmet Basket

Your neighbors will love this gift basket that’s full of seasonal fruit and savory snacks, such as cheese, crackers, nuts, candy, and cookies.

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