Thanksgiving arrives on Thursday, November 23rd so now is the time to order flower arrangements, floral centerpieces, and gifts for this special day with family and friends.

Even if you can’t be there, it is good to send some flowers or gifts for Thanksgiving.

We send locally as well as nationally, giving you an easy way to get beautiful, affordable Thanksgiving decor and gifts this season.

Our Thanksgiving collection has an abundance of styles, designs, and prices to meet your needs. Here are some of the highlights:

Classic Cornucopia

This cornucopia works on the Thanksgiving table or as a decor piece. It’s filled with bold fall flowers, foliage, and accents.

Country Oven Centerpiece

This includes a keepsake hand-glazed, oven-to-table stoneware serving dish that first serves as the container for a fall centerpiece. It’s a warm and inviting flower arrangement for Thanksgiving or as a gift.

Sunflower Centerpiece

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is all about sunflowers. There are also other fall flowers, foliage and a cranberry-hued candle that is displayed under a hurricane glass.

Glow of Gratitude Centerpiece

Glowing Gathering Centerpiece

Family Gathering Centerpiece

This centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table includes two orange taper candles that are surrounded by a range of fall flowers.

Harvest Splendor Bouquet

Celebrate Thanksgiving with this unique flower arrangement. It includes bold fall blooms and white lilies. The container is a real standout. It is a mercury glass julep vase.

There are already numerous orders that have been filled to deliver for Thanksgiving.

Be sure to order today by phone, in our flower shop, or through our website. Special holiday shopping days and the December holidays are just around the corner.

Once you order for Thanksgiving, you’ll be able to check one thing off your list and know we have your back for beautiful holiday decor and gifts.