April has been designated as Keep America Beautiful Month.

This is a time to think about how we can do a better job with our environment and create sustainable communities that together show we take pride in our country. It may involve park clean-ups, community gardens, or recycling activities.

This month also has some special environmental days that we can participate in by adding more plants to our lives as well as gifting others with these natural beauties.

This includes International Plant Appreciation Day on April 13th and Earth Day on April 20th.

Here are some ideas from our plant collection available in our flower shop and online through our website:

Dish Garden Ceramic Planter – Large

This colorful combination includes a vibrant container as well as bold flowering plants and green plant accents.

Bright Blooming Garden

This dish garden basket gives you a bowl or basket full of blooming flowers in a range of primary colors. 

Succulent Garden

Succulents are extremely low maintenance. They don’t need much light or watering, which makes them perfect for a home or office. They also add color and texture that are appealing.

Dish Garden Ceramic Planter – Premium

This premium size dish garden gives you more of everything you love in our other size dish gardens. That means more green and blooming plants and an overflowing amount of seasonal accents.

Lovely One Spathiphyllum Plant