Flower trends are like all trends. They come and go, offering something new and exciting. With flower trends, they offer a great way to express our sentiment for a special occasion or event as well as show others how we feel about them.

Here at our Rochester flower shop, we are in touch with the latest floral trends of 2018. Our floral design team has captured these trends in this year’s flower collections. Here are some of those floral trends:


Tropical flowers, blooming plants, and plants are a favorite floral trend for 2018 here in Rochester. These long-lasting, easy maintenance floral designs offer bold colors, a variety of texture, and a unique look. Here are some examples:

Tropical Bliss

Exotic Grace

This tropical display features tall bamboo and birds of paradise along with tropical orange flowers and greenery in a bamboo container.

Island Dreams

Tropical flowers with greenery are displayed in a dramatic black cube vase.


The top colors are peach, dark violet, and burgundy. Here are some beautiful floral examples of these stunning hues:

Peaches and Dreams

Peach hues are highlighted with creamy colors with this mix of roses and seasonal blooms.

You’re A Gem Bouquet

Violet and other gemstone shades are highlighted in this bouquet of roses and lilies.

Wine Country Bouquet

Enjoy the trend toward burgundy and wine hues with this beautiful display of alstroemeria, carnations, and roses that are accented by faux grapes.


This floral trend offers a singular color in a bouquet of flowers like these examples:

Napa Valley Centerpiece

A French country pot in white highlights the elegance of an all-white floral design.

Passionate Pink Garden Arrangement

This large pink arrangement includes an urn filled with pink peonies, roses, lilies, and asters.

Sunny Memories

Outdoor Foliage

This floral look uses a lot of natural foliage like leaves, branches, berries and seed pods. Each provides shape and texture to a flower arrangement like these:

Grand Gesture

Birch Compassion Cross

Perfect for a funeral or spiritual celebration, this natural birch cross is decorated with colorful flowers. It illustrates how natural foliage and flowers go so well together.