The third week of September is officially National Indoor Plant Week. It’s also when Fall starts, which officially begins on September 22nd.

Our Rochester flower shop is ready to celebrate both events with green plants and a new fall flower collection. Here are some of the highlights:

Amazing Arboricola

Also known as the umbrella plant because it has arching leafy branches, this indoor plant offers easy maintenance and beautiful green leaves the whole year round.

Stately Croton

The croton is an elegant green plant with leaves that feature red and orange accents.

Delightful Dieffenbachia

This is a leafy indoor plant with large leaves that offers low maintenance. 

Now, there is the fall flower collection, which adds more color and accents to the decor and gift giving. Here are just a few of the beautiful bouquets we have:

Autumnal Artistry

This bouquet captures the beauty of fall with bold colors and seasonal accents.

Autumn Expression

This floral display captures the heart of fall in a cube vase with flowers and seasonal greenery in fall hues.

Burst of Autumn

Autumn shades of orange and yellow are highlighted in this mixed bouquet that also features oak leaves. The clear glass vase is tied with a satin ribbon.

We have so much more to see for autumn and as part of indoor plant collection at our Rochester flower shop so pleae stop by. While you can place your order by phone or through our website, we’d love to meet you and work with you in-person on your fall decor and gifts.