In just a few days, there is a special day dedicated to your neighbors.

Like our family, we can’t necessarily pick our neighbors but we can find a way to get on with them and even help each other out to build a safer community for all.

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or looking to help someone on the street who may live alone, this is the perfect day to take that next step and do something for others.

And, to open the door to your neighbors, here are some small gift ideas from our flower shop:

Autumn Grace

Our fall collection of flowers has arrived. This beauty includes roses, lilies, and asters in a plum glass cube vase. There are also purple chrysanthemums and seafoam statice in this autumn bouquet.

Sending Joy

An array of fall colors is sure to make your neighbor smile at such a thoughtful gesture.

Golden Harvest Bouquet

This other special fall bouquet includes seasonal golden aster, sunflowers, and seeded eucalyptus in a keepsake amber vase.

Good Luck Bamboo

One of the best gifts is this bamboo plant, which is thought to bring wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. It arrives in a natural bamboo cube to send the best to your neighbor.

Imperial Purple Orchid

This elegant gift offers a low-maintenance, long-lasting lavender phalaenopsis orchid comes in a natural bamboo cube vase.

Gourmet Basket Deluxe