October is dedicated to making everyone more aware of breast cancer, including the need for regular exams for early detection, the ability of research to keep working on a cure, and the importance of supporting those fighting for their lives.

Events are being held all over the country as well to keep that awareness going.

Our Rochester flower shop offers beautiful pink bouquets and flower arrangements for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s time to think pink and bring awareness to this important cause.

Here are some of our beautiful pink floral designs from our Rochester flower shop for special gifts or Breast Cancer Awareness events:

Passionate Pink Garden Arrangement

Rose Rapture

This stunning display includes roses and spray roses in shades of lavender, pink, and light pink.  

Red and Pink Roses

Pink and red Ecuadorian roses are combined with fresh greenery to create a loving display for your recipient.

Pink Potpourri Bouquet with Roses

A keepsake container holds a beautiful bouquet of roses and pink flowers.

Heavenly Heights Bouquet

This basket arrangement overflows with pink flowers. It’s a great way to show you care or makes an ideal centerpiece for a Think Pink event.

Glorious Day

A couture vase holds a mix of pink and yellow flowers, making this a great gift for a dear friend who is fighting breast cancer or to celebrate defeating it. 

Sweet Sincerity

A white basket is filled with pink blooms, making it a great centerpiece or gift.

Pink Me Up

A wide array of pink flowers are sure to bring love and encouragement to your recipient.

Love That Pink Bouquet with Roses

A silver cube holds a combination of pink and red roses, sending love and support to that special someone.

Meant To Be Bouquet by Teleflora

Yellow roses and pink carnations come together to send a message of friendship and hope.

Happily Ever After

A rustic basket displays a range of blooms in various shades of pink.

Place your order for Breast Cancer Awareness month today!