How to Use Pumpkins, Flowers, and Fall Decor For Halloween

Rockcastle Florist Finger Lakes Florist That Delivers Floral Decor Ideas for Halloween As the "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes" we focus on continually offering the best floral designs, decor, and gifts for every occasion throughout the year. Our team loves being part of your celebrations, including parties, events, and weddings. Plus, we like helping you come up with new ways to decorate y0ur home for the holidays. This is the best time of year because we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more to provide you with interesting decor, centerpieces, and more. First up is Halloween. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party for kids, adults, or everyone or you just want to decorate to enjoy the season and entertain trick-or-treaters, now is the time to get ready. Pumpkins The pumpkin is a symbol of the season and used often throughout Halloween. You can leave them as they are and perch them on your doorstep or balcony or you can turn them into something else. Of course, it's fun to make jack-o-lanterns, but you can also scoop out a pumpkin and use it as a container for a fall floral display. If you are short on time, you can also use a ceramic pumpkin from a craft store. They come in different colors, too, which adds more interest to your pumpkin display. Halloween Containers This year, we've added some fun containers to our Halloween collection that are ideal as centerpieces for your Halloween party tables. Mix them up because we offer different designs like a black cat, skeleton, and jack o'lantern. We fill these keepsake containers with beautiful flowers. Turn it into a game for your party by having a competition to win and take home these fun Halloween displays from each table. Please note these are for local delivery only. Three-Dimensional [...]

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Celebrate Make a Difference By Giving Flowers, Plants, and Thoughtful Gifts

Rockcastle Florist The Finger Lakes Florist with Great Gift Ideas That Make a Difference Rockcastle Florist offers bouquets, plants, and unique gifts for customers throughout the Finger Lakes area of New York through multiple flower shops. We've been voted "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes" on numerous occasions because we focus on delivering the best service, quality, variety, and value to our customers whether they need flowers or gifts for a special occasion, an event or wedding, or just to decorate their homes and offices. Make a Difference Day is October 26th and is a day where you can focus on making a positive impact on those around you whether they are friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or acquaintances. You never know when someone is struggling or feeling sad, so a thoughtful gift on this special day might make a difference by cheering them up. Here are other ideas on how to use flowers, plants, and other gifts to make a difference: Gifts For Schools and Organizations Create and send gift baskets to schools, nonprofits, and other organizations that can use them for their members or students. Or, these could be used for raffle and auction events to raise money to do good.   Flowers to Hospitals and Nursing Homes Find out who might be all alone in your community hospital or nursing home and then send them a small bouquet. You might also visit them and bring the floral gift with you. Housewarming or New Neighbors If someone has just recently moved into your neighborhood, think about welcoming them with a plant, dish garden, or gift basket so they know others in the community want to include them. An Apology Think about any long-standing feuds or issues you have that might be your fault where an apology may help make a difference in your relationship with another [...]

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Time to Celebrate Your Boss on Boss’s Day!

Rockcastle Florist The Finger Lakes Florist with Great Gift Ideas to Treat Your Boss Rockcastle Florist offers an incredible array of bouquets, plants, and unique gifts for customers throughout the Finger Lakes area of New York through multiple flower shops in the area. It's a true honor to be voted "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes" on numerous occasions. Our focus is on providing the best service, quality, variety, and value to our customers whether they need flowers or gifts for a special occasion, an event or wedding, or just to decorate their homes and offices. When you can't think of what would make the perfect gift, such as the upcoming Boss's Day on October 16th, we've got you covered. You may think that your boss has it all, but we have some unique gift ideas for bosses so you can show them just how creative and thoughtful you are.  In return, you can also extend your appreciation for the opportunity to work with and learn from them as your boss. Our Boss's Day collection is a great place to start your boss gift shopping: Sunflowers Even if you don't think your boss is a flowers-type of person, no one can resist the cheerful look of sunflowers. This makes this fall flower an ideal gift idea for your boss. It adds brightness to their office. Gift Packages Another idea is to give your boss one of our arrangements that really is two gifts in one purchase. For example, the Be Happy Bouquet with Roses features a beautiful flower arrangement display in a keepsake ceramic happy face mug. Your boss will be sure to think of your thoughtful gesture every time they refill that mug with coffee or tea. Another gift package idea is our "Autumn Treats Combo."  Your boss will Gert a ceramic pumpkin full [...]

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Think Pink During October with Breast Cancer Awareness Bouquets

Rockcastle Florist The Finger Lakes Florist That Cares About Community Rockcastle Florist is one of the premier floral design firms in the Finger Lakes area of New York. We operate multiple flower shops in the area. Our Rochester and Canandaigua flower shops are both open to the public for in-store shopping for gifts, weddings, and special occasions. Our flower shop has been voted "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes" on numerous occasions. We focus on our customers and the communities we serve, getting involved in important issues and looking to raise awareness and funds, where necessary, to help as many as possible. October is Breast Cancer Awareness. During this month, we encourage everyone to Think Pink by participating in local awareness and fundraising events as well as sending and sharing pink flower arrangements that call attention to this curable disease. We've put together a Breast Cancer Awareness flower collection to help you decorate for events as well as give to those fighting and winning their breast cancer challenge. It's also a good way to remember loved ones who lost their fight. Here are some of our Think Pink bouquets: Pink Hope and Courage Embrace Breast Cancer Awareness Month with this bouquet designed specifically for the occasion. A pink cylinder vase holds pink roses and lilies along with greenery. Bubbling Over Bouquet This pink-themed bouquet includes pink roses, lavender alstroemeria, lavender carnations, purple daisy spray chrysanthemums, seeded eucalyptus and lemon leaf. This Think Pink bouquet arrives in our exclusive Bubbling Over Cylinder. Posh Pinks This compact, yet elegant floral display contains hot pink roses, pale pink lilies, and other seasonal flowers. She's Lovely This sweet pink basket arrangement of pink flowers and accents makes a nice. gift or even a centerpiece for your Breast Cancer Awareness event. Order today or contact us to create [...]

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