Not sure what to get your sister in law? Or maybe your office mate is impossible to shop for? Here’s the gift guide for every difficult to shop for person on your list.

For the person who loves Christmas.

We all know someone who has their Christmas tree up on November 1st. The perfect gift for the Christmas lover in your life is a classic Poinsettia. This beautiful winter flowering plant comes in white, pink, and a beautiful crimson which is sure to accentuate any Christmas decor.

For the person with a sweet tooth.

Need the perfect gift for the friend who always makes two trips to the dessert table? Send some handcrafted chocolate made here in Rochester by Hedonist Artisan Chocolate. We recommend their seasonal candy cane bark to put a pep in your step this season.

For the person that never stops talking about their dog.

We all love our pets, but some people really love their dogs. Check out the pet-themed grab and go gifts from both of our store locations.

For the person who always hosts the party.

Going to a party and need a gift for the host? A centerpiece is always welcome on a table. The Canandaigua Christmas Centerpiece is the perfect gift for any holiday home.

For the person going through a hard time.

Whether it’s a friend with bad luck or someone dealing with more, a dammit doll is always going to make the recipient smile. Especially when they get to swing it around a little bit!

For your desk neighbor at work.

Need to give a gift to your BFF at work? Look no further. A succulent planter livens up their desk but is very low maintenance and will survive with little light. Plus there’s a bright blooming plant to color up the joint in the middle!

For the person with a small apartment.

Do you know someone with a small home that needs a small tree to match? A boxwood tree is perfect for those hoping to bring the Christmas season inside but not trying to pick up pine needles.

To the person who loves plants but doesn’t have a green thumb.

Air plants are a great gift for people who want plants but aren’t “plant people.” Air plants require very little maintenance and everything you need to know can come from our book on caring for air plants! A perfect way to bring some green indoors.

For the person lost in vintage Christmas memories.

Every year Tomas Kinkade releases an arrangement inspired by his classic paintings. This year is a vintage style fire station that lights up! This is sure to make anyone smile at Christmas time.

For the coffee snob.

Finger Lakes Coffee is always a crowd-pleaser, especially around Christmas time! Even the biggest coffee snob won’t turn up their nose at Finger Lakes Coffee.

For the friend with great taste.

Need a gift for a friend with great style and a perfectly decorated home? A white orchid plant is always welcome in a well-styled home.

For the person with a million vases.

Need to send flowers to someone who already has enough vases? This Vase Ready wrap is perfect- just unwrap, trim the stems, and drop it right in your favorite vase.


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