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Finger Lakes Florist Features Holiday Decor For the Season

As the “Best Florist in the Finger Lakes,” we are your go-to source for holiday decorating and gifts, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Our floral design team creates imaginative works of floral art for our collections and for custom flower arrangements. We deliver throughout the Finger Lakes and across the country through our florist network. We’re ready to celebrate with new floral designs for Hanukkah and Christmas to decorate your home, office, or upcoming holiday event.


We have numerous Hanukkah flowers to celebrate Hanukkah, which is December 22nd to December 30th this year. For example, our Spinning Dreidels Centerpiece showcases Asiatic lilies, white carnations, silver leaves and gems as well as features two silver candles.

We also have Hanukkah bouquets and flower arrangements to decorate or even give as gifts to other family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and clients.


We have a wide range of Christmas floral designs, including wreaths and garlands, centerpieces, and flower arrangements. Our Christmas collection also features poinsettia plants, which are great for offices and homes as well as upcoming holiday parties.

Wreaths and garlands are made from fresh evergreen and add a festive touch both outdoors and indoors this season as do our fresh evergreen garlands. You can choose from different designs and color combinations. Enhance both your wreaths and garlands by adding your own Christmas lights.

Centerpieces are important for the Christmas dinner table. However, they also work well for living room and family room tables as well as for any buffet tables you set up.

Bouquets and flower arrangements can be added to your foyer to welcome guests as well as to various rooms throughout the house.

Don’t forget to add Christmas flowers to the guest room to give your guests Christmas cheer!

Custom Holiday Flower Services 

Also, remember that we offer custom holiday flower services so you can display custom Christmas and Hanukkah flowers in your home, office, or holiday event.

Call and make an appointment today to work with our floral design team on a look that reflects your personal style and aligns with your budget.