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Finger Lakes Florist Offers Plants, Too!

As the “Best Florist in the Finger Lakes,” we are your go-to source for holiday decorating and gifts, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Our floral design team creates imaginative works of floral art for our collections and for custom flower arrangements. But, we don’t just offer flowers. Instead, we have a comprehensive array of plants, blooming plants, dish and basket gardens, and gardening supplies and. gifts.

That makes us your ideal spot for celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day, which is today — January 10th. This special occasion day recognizes the beauty and health benefits of having houseplants for your home or office. Many of these plants are natural wonders with their own healing powers and ability to purify the air.

We could all benefit from more green plants in our lives like these from our plant collection:

Extra Large Succulent Garden

Succulents are one of the most popular green plants in recent years due to their large variety with different textures, colors, sizes, and shapes. It’s also a low-maintenance plant that thrives even with little attention and little light or water. We offer various sizes of succulent gardens with this being our largest.

Lovely One Spathiphyllum Plant

Also known as the Peace Lily Plant, the spathiphyllum plant displays white flowers and large green leaves. It’s ideal for this time of year as it’s often featured on Easter. 

Statement Fiddle Leaf Fig

Dish Garden Basket – Large

A garden basket is a nice way to display many types of plants altogether, including green and blooming plants. We offer various sizes of dish garden baskets so you can find one that fits your office or home space.

Order today or stop by our Finger Lakes flower shop to see all the houseplants we have for you! As an additional incentive, we are offering 15% off green plants for the entire month of January. This is an in-store discount only!