2020 has not been an easy year. It’s been full of challenges for just about everyone. One of the hardest hit groups has been our high school and college graduates.

This was essentially their year to celebrate the culmination of years of hard work, grit, and determination to meet challenging academic goals and start the next phase of their life.

Instead, they missed out on many of the senior celebrations that are part of this capstone year, including prom, parties, and graduation ceremonies. Instead, they had to finish their school work online and find some other ways to celebrate.

The best thing that might have come out of all these disappointments is human resiliency and determination to celebrate somehow, some way.

For graduates, that has meant lawn signs, home decorations, car parades past the house, and online parties and ceremonies. There have been special school videos and social media spotlights as well as media coverage of those graduates that have persevered through it all.

As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate your grad. Besides these celebratory events, think about a special meal delivered in from their favorite restaurant along with a cake. Don’t forget some personalized presents to recognize this huge accomplishment.

Finally, you can still plan on those graduation flowers that you were going to bring to the ceremony, including a fresh flower bouquet wrapped up to carry in one hand alongside their diploma.

We create many bouquets tied to the school colors of local area high schools and colleges so they can enjoy some school spirit even if they can’t be surrounded by their fellow graduates. Some parents are even recreating a stage with school backdrop at home to create the effect of commencement.

Don’t forget that we also can create balloon bouquets and offer special graduate-themed gifts in our flower shop. Just call us or check out our graduation flowers collection online through our website.