If we had to rate the creativity of our floral design team in capture this year’s summer floral trends, we’d have to say that it’s sizzling. There are so many new exciting floral designs that they have come up with, inspired to focus on the positive and bright outlook ahead.

This year’s floral trends have become even bolder, and we’re so happy to show them off to you here:

Botanical Flair

One of the growing trends we see is a focus on botanical floral design. This means that there are more greenery accents included in the design, creating more of a balance between flowers and greenery than usual. Typically, most arrangements are heavy on flowers with just a few greenery aspects. This botanical effect, with additions of things like kale and live-air plants, creates a more lush feel.

Brighter is Better

Many summer arrangements often just offer a punch of color. However, this year’s trend is to go bold or go home.

We’re seeing more all-out color throughout floral designs with just a touch of soft color here and there. This electrifying look truly lends itself to adding as much cheer as possible, which is appreciated in these uncertain times. 

Containers Count

Just as important in the summer floral design trends is the container the flowers are presented in. Our floral design team has spent considerable time searching out more unique options that double as a secondary gift.

These containers often make great decor pieces for the home. Options include unique visual displays like stained class vases, art glass, and geometric ceramic patterns.

What Do YOU Like?

Although it’s great to know about the current floral trends and what’s popular at our flower shops, it still comes down to your personal preference or those of your recipient.

Flowers are meant to bring joy and cheer, so always go with something that moves you or that expresses the preferences of the person you are sending the flowers to!

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