Every year, the holidays require plenty of planning and attention to pull off a memorable and fun event for you, your family, and friends. This year’s planning is a bit more challenging because of the restrictions that mean much smaller, more intimate gatherings with just close family or a few friends.

However, you can still create a festive setting for Christmas and New Year’s gatherings. Here are some tips for planning a small holiday get-together in-person or as part of a virtual event.

If you are meeting in-person, make sure to add as much holiday decor as possible to add cheer. More people are adding lights and outside displays than ever before with so many more stuck at home to see and enjoy it. You can do the same as well as add poinsettia plants to your porch and walkways as well as garlands to your porch railings and a wreath on your door. Some people are even putting wreaths on their garage doors.

Once inside, your guests can also enjoy a festive display as they go from room-to-room. It is fun to create a theme for each social space as well as add a small bouquet to any guest rooms if you have guests staying with you. Don’t forget to light up some scented candles and create your Spotify holiday music playlist. 

Make sure to add a large centerpiece to the dining table to enjoy during Christmas dinner as well as any New Year’s festivities you plan on holding. This is a special way to decorate the table!

Now, you may be planning for a completely different type of holiday celebration this year, adding a virtual get-together to your festivities. If you do use video conferencing to get-together or a meal or social activities, plan on coordinating your spaces and menu to make it feel like one big table. You can send some delicious treats to those joining you like a gift basket of goodies.

Coordinate activities for your virtual party to share in the gift opening fun or add karaoke or a game to the mix if you enjoy doing that together!

We are here to help you with your decorating and gift-giving holiday planning processes! Together, we can create a memorable Christmas and New Year’s for you and yours! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from your friends at Rockcastle!