Arranging flowers is an artistic skill that requires training, artistic flair, creativity, and a human touch. It’s quite a skill to be able to put flowers together in a certain way and combination to express a feeling, create a mood, or add ambiance at a special event. But, that’s exactly what floral designers do and have done for centuries.

In 1995, an official special occasion day was created to draw awareness to floral design. Known as Floral Design Day, it is celebrated every February 28th. It offers a way to celebrate the natural beauty of flowers and greenery as well as recognize the talent of floral designers.

We have the most experienced floral designers in the Finger Lakes area. Our floral collections highlight their talent at work and showcase their ability to create floral designs for all types of occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, funerals, and more) and across many styles, sizes, colors, and prices. This includes those floral designs in our bestsellers collection.

It also includes our Bloom Gal service of beautiful and stunning floral designs that also illustrate what our floral designers can do not to mention our wedding flower designs, which have added to the good memories from many big days.

Besides buying and enjoying flowers from our Rochester flower shop or other locations, you can also celebrate Floral Design Day in other ways. This includes sending a message to our floral design team or taking a flower design/arrangement class online or in-person to experience what goes into creating this artwork. 

You can also add or plant flowers around your home or participate in a community garden. In doing so, you are adding back to nature for everything that it gives us. It also creates beauty around your home and the community.

If you are artistic in other ways, you might want to consider creating art with flower motifs, including floral designs within stained class, a painting or colored picture, knitting or needlework, or even quilting. There are so many ways to add floral designs to your life, including fashion.

Floral Design Day also reminds us to add more color and positivity to our lives and to those around us! We thank you for supporting our floral designs this year and every year! We can’t wait to introduce you to new floral designs for the Spring, including Easter, as well as those for weddings, other special days, and the 2021 holiday season.