Graduation is on this year, and students, teachers, and parents couldn’t be happier throughout the Finger Lakes. Rochester schools and universities are ready to celebrate the end of a challenging year and move forward to the hope of a more normal school year in the coming year.

For now, though, it’s time to celebrate graduation, including elementary school, middle school, high school, college, university , and trade school. Along with the students, it’s a good time to thank teachers, administrators, counselors, and tutors. After all, they were an integral part in your student’s success.

From graduation ceremonies and awards nights to sports banquets and graduation parties, there is a lot to prepare for in the coming weeks. Our Rochester flower shop and other florist locations in the Finger Lakes, along with our floral and gift website, are here to help you get ready.

Our graduation collection is a good place to start because it offers both hand-wrapped bouquets and Designer’s Choice flower arrangements that personalize your gradation gift to a student, teacher, or other special person.

Let’s start with our Designer’s Choice floral gift options. You will get a customized floral option that allows our floral designers to put their talents to work for you. We have a bright colors option and a pastel option. Both can be wrapped bouquets for ease in handing them off to your student or other recipient during graduation. You also have three sizes to choose from, including traditional, fancy, and premium.

We also can do a Designer’s Choice floral gift as an arrangement in a vase or other container. Just call or stop by our Rochester flower shop or other location.

You can also choose other pre-wrapped floral options for graduation that match school colors, including a coordinating ribbon with graduation year. These are perfect for the graduation ceremony.

Beyond that, we have flower arrangements and balloons for graduation parties and other celebrations around the end of the year. You may even want to order some of our food items from local bakery partners like our cannoli cake or a vanilla or chocolate cake.

Of course, we also have greeting cards and other graduation gifts in our Finger Lakes flower shops to finish off the celebration. Call us, stop by, or use our website for graduation orders. You can choose pick up or contactless delivery.

From all of us, we want to congratulate graduates at all levels! Well done during such a challenging year! Good luck as you move on to the next step in your life journey!