Roses are a global favorite among flowers. The flower can be enjoyed year round but mostly available during spring and summer, especially peaking during June.

Also, June is a month where roses are widely used for special celebrations, such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, and more.

It makes sense then that June was selected for National Rose Month to call attention to this stunning flower. The month also has another celebratory day on June 12th known as Red Rose Day. This day is an opportune time to further enjoy roses and use this romantic color to show your love to someone special.

As a florist in Rochester and the surrounding areas in Finger Lakes, we also love the rose and look for ways that more people can enjoy it as well whether it is for a bridal bouquet, a centerpiece at an event, a gift bouquet, or home decor.

We have an extensive rose collection at our Finger Lakes florist locations as well as our flower and gift website. This collection features a wide range of colors, styles, and quantities, with many different vases, containers, and designs to express different sentiments and address different budgets. 

You can buy everything from one rose to half a dozen to multiple dozens. You can even buy 100 red roses in one large container. It’s breathtaking and a luxurious way to show your love. We named it the Wow bouquet because that’s pretty much what everyone says when they see it or receive it. 

Beyond our red roses, you can choose from yellow, white, pink, lavender, orange, and more, depending on what we have available when you place your order. Of course, we can also combine many of the colors into one bouquet for you so you can express many different emotions.

Other rose arrangements add many types of flowers, including hydrangea, lilies, orchids and others for a premium floral display. This is another nice way to recognize roses but also enjoy other flower types.

It’s also possible to work directly with our floral designers on custom rose bouquets or arrangements, especially for an event or wedding but also for a gift. You’ll need to make an appointment to do so.

For all other roses, place your order in-person, by phone, or through our website for pickup at our Rochester flower shop or to request contactless delivery throughout the Finger Lakes.