When you give flowers or decorate your home for an event, it can be convenient to choose from flower collections already designed and curated for a number of special occasions and events.

However, there are also those times when it would be nice to have access to a custom floral design that is exclusive to you, your recipient, and/or your event. At our Finger Lakes flower shops, we have found a good solution to that need. While we do offer complete custom floral design services, you would be required to make an appointment. While that’s fine, it would. be good to have some type of hybrid custom flower design service.

Enter our Designer’s Choice floral design solution for that custom look for your gift occasion, decor, or event. By ordering this floral design service, you allow our talented floral designers to create a custom floral masterpiece that has been designed specifically for you.

We will use our freshest and most beautiful flowers to create something exclusive for you based on the design style or occasion style you select. You can share any details like favorite flower varieties and/or colors. Our Designer’s Choice bouquets also come in three sizes: Traditional, Fancy, or Premium, allowing you to control the size and price of what you ar purchasing, too.

Examples of the various available Designer’s Choice styles and colors include:

  • In Vase style in All White, Pastel Colors, or Bright Colors
  • Wrapped style in Pastel Colors or Bright Colors 
  • Sympathy Arrangement in All White, Patriotic Colors, Bright Colors, Feminine Colors, and Masculine Colors
  • Designer’s Choice Christmas Centerpieces
  • Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Day

These are just a few of the examples of how we can offer you a style that fits a particular occasion, holiday, event, or gift-giving situation. By choosing a Designer’s Choice arrangement, your floral feature or floral gift can stand out from those others use or give because those floral designs can be found across a floral network of flower shops that use the same or similar floral designs for their collections.

You can order a Designer’s Choice arrangement by calling us or visiting any of our Finger Lakes flower shops. It’s also possible to order a Designer’s Choice wrapped bouquet or vase arrangement through our website and online order form. Get yours now!