Rockcastle Florist Early Ordering for Valentine’s Day

Understandably, the supply chain issue has impacted the Flower industry. While Rockcastle Florist strives to always provide best in the industry service to customers, we too are working to stay ahead of supply issues. Rockcastle Florist makes Early Ordering for Valentine’s Day very convenient and easy. As we are getting closer to Valentine’s Day, please consider placing your order for flowers now.


Early Valentine’s Flower Ordering

  • Due to the pandemic, there were fewer than normal plantings at flower farms. What is more, farm owners were forced to shut down because of the need to quarantine. Consequently, they were forced to lay off workers. In some cases, they had to shut down their farms completely.  An estimated 247,717 floral worker jobs were lost between 2019 and 2020.
  • South America is one of the top countries for flower production. The growing conditions have historically been very good on that continent. However, recent weather pattern changes have caused colder nights and more rain than is required. Therefore, the health of flower plants has been negatively affected. Similarly, U.S. Flower Farms have suffered as well. For example, California is a top flower producer. Drought, wildfire and the unpredicted flooding has caused much damage to flower crops.
  • Interestingly, Weddings are going through a boom period. According to reports there were 1.3 million weddings in 2020. Then in 2021 that grew to 1.93 million. It is predicted that there could be 2.47 million in 2022. Of course, this will most likely normalize once the back log of delayed weddings is addressed. For this reason, it is easy to see what a strain this has placed on flower shoppes.


 Adjustments to Flower Shortage

Rockcastle Florist has a strong desire to delight customers with service and beautiful flowers. With this in mind, we have made adjustments to our practices and communications to our customers. Below are some areas we have focused on to make this supply chain issue as easy to embrace as we can.

  • In our communications to customers, we have conveyed to customers the current flower shortage we are dealing with. As a result, there are some cases where clients may need to be more flexible in their flower arrangement selection.
  • Earlier ordering is key to help us have the best chance of meeting our customer’s specific product needs. Not only with selection but also meeting delivery deadlines.
  • Rockcastle Florist has extremely talented floral designers. We are using those talents to create wonderful arrangements. Our mission is to create the most elegant and beautiful bouquets and arrangements working with what we have. Most people do know that talented designers can make a Rose look like a Peony or a Tulip to look like a Gardenia.

Fries Before Guys Galentine’s Bouquet

February 13th- Known as Galentine’s Day, an unofficial holiday for “ladies celebrating ladies.” Celebrate the gals that make your world go round with this arrangement of pink and peach blooms in a keepsake “Fries Before Guys” mug.

Product Code: RF22VD-FBGGB

  Leslie Knope Approved ✓  



Fries Before Guys Galentine’s Bouquet


Twin Flames Rose Bouquet

Send your love with our most popular color combination, the classic red, pink, and hot pink roses in a low-profile vase. Perfect to show off at the office or display on a table for your Valentine. Includes 18 mixed color roses. Low profile rose designs are longer lasting due to the shorter cut on the stem

Product Code: RF22VD-TFRB

Height: 11″, Width: 11″ (approx.)


Gorham Florist – Same Day Flower Delivery to Gorham

We offer same-day delivery of fresh flowers, roses, planters, gifts, and occasion flowers. We are a LOCAL florist with locations throughout Rochester, NY and we offer same-day flower delivery to Gorham. Order flowers online or visit one of our flower shops near Gorham.

We also provide daily flower delivery to Gorham businesses, Gorham funeral homes, and Gorham nursing homes.


















Rockcastle Florist has been serving the Finger Lakes area since 1951. We are a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. Many of the flowers we purchase come direct from domestic and international flower farms. Buying direct offers great advantages for our customers. The flowers we sell are the finest, freshest, highest quality flowers available. Fresher flowers mean longer vase life for recipients of our products. In addition to fresh flowers, we offer the best selection of sympathy, get well flowers, wedding and event flowers in Rochester NY.


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