Rockcastle Florist offers the best selection of live green and flowering plants in Rochester

People that buy House Plants for their home or office, receive valuable benefits according to published reports by several research groups. Benefits like helping to purify the air and improving the overall mood of the occupants have been discovered. Rockcastle Florist offers a great selection of indoor plants.  In addition, our talented and award – winning Floral Designers are available and eager to provide assistance.

Below is a short summary of a few benefits House Plants bring to the home or office.

Home Air Purification – There are multiple studies but reference is based on a study in 2009 conducted by the University of Technology in Sydney Australia. This team found that it was highly probable houseplants absorbed toxins in the air. The science behind how the plants are able to do this is related to their biological processes.

The CDC has reported that as many as 8 percent of all Americans suffer from allergies. Houseplants do not release much if any pollen and in fact act as natural filters to collect allergens and dust. In addition, plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis which is what we breath to survive.

Plants act as sponges to gather all of the bad pollutants in the air. Most of us do not think about pollutants in our homes but they are present. Things like carpet, paint and furniture emit toxins.

Beautification of the Home or Building – In addition to the multitude of health benefits plants offer, they also create elegant and wonderful beauty to any home. There are numerous uses for indoor plants. Depending on the areas to be decorated, the use of different plants can create a more uniform and warm feel.

Health and Mental Wellness  – Researchers at Kansas State University reported studies that show patients recover quicker when their hospital rooms have plants in them. In addition, these patients tend to have lower heart rates, blood pressure, less fatigue and anxiety. Consequently the patients are released from the hospitals sooner.

Further, researchers in other countries have found evidence in their studies that the overall health of individuals in office buildings and classrooms is also improved by the presence of plants.  Benefits identified include decreases in fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats and flu like symptoms.

Commercial Building Air Purification – It stands to reason that not just a residential home can benefit from indoor plants. It has been shown that  hospitals and office buildings are great places for plants also.

Desktop Monstera Plant

Your favorite plant person is going to love this gift. Send this fun monstera plant in a modern ceramic planter, perfect for the desk or on the floor to accent the space. This item will always be delivered in a neutral ceramic pot, however substitutions my be necessary due to supply chain concerns,



Rockcastle Florist House Plants

Rockcastle Florist offers the best selection of live green and flowering plants in Rochester. We also carry gorgeous dish and European gardens and some fabulous succulent plants as well. Each plant we sell comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Plants make great gifts. They last a long time, with proper care, and are appropriate gifts for many different types of occasions.

There are numerous plant types that are low maintenance and great for people that may not have a green thumb or a lot of time. Below are some popular varieties.

Lucky Bamboo – Very easy to grow, these plants are said to bring prosperity to the home.

Moth Orchid – These Orchids have a long life and are native to Southeastern Asia. They display butterfly – shaped flowers. Its relative is the Moon Orchid which is also very hardy.

Basil Plant – If you like the smell of basil, this is the plant for your home. They are native to central Africa and Southeast Asia and with their petite size, they make a great indoor plant.

Peperomia – These are sometimes called radiator plants and are very hardy. They do not grow taller than one foot and have sturdy waxy leaves.

Spider Plant – Sprouting delicate white flowers this plant from Africa makes a great hanging plant.

Zebra Plant – For a small space in the home, The Zebra Plant is often chosen. It is from Brazil and has a spiky appearance with white bands on the leaves.

Peace Lily – Peace Lilies display large dark green leaves and trumpet-like flowers which come in multiple colors.

Heartleaf Philodendron – Often referred to as the Sweetheart Plant, this plant is native to the humid regions of the Caribbean and Central America.

Aloe Vera – Most people know this plant has healing properties. They make beautiful additions to any home. The plant requires very little water as they originate from the arid regions of the Arabian peninsula.

Jade Plant – Another low maintenance plant for those that are not wanting to spend lots of time caring for it, the Jade Plant needs very care. They also have an unusual look that dresses up the home.

Rubber Plant – The leaves attract dust that needs to be occasionally cleaned off but this plant is very lovely with its deep lush green appearance.

Corn Plant – A very common plant, this variety is a beautiful evergreen. It has long flat leaves and a stem that looks like bamboo. Not only are they popular as a houseplant but you often see them as an office decoration.

Norfolk Pine – Native to the Norfolk islands on the Pacific, these evergreens are somethings used in the home as a Christmas tree.

Small Orchid and Succulent Garden

Spread some love with this stunning arrangement of green succulent plants accented by a central blooming orchid.

Rockcastle Florist offers wonderful House Plants for home or office
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