International Day of Friendship is a Perfect Time to Connect by Sending Rockcastle Florist Stunning Flowers

Rockcastle Florist offers local express flower delivery for Lakeville New York The International Day of Friendship is celebrated in Summer each year during July. This year it is observed on July 30th.  It is a great time to purchase International Day of Friendship Flowers. The best place to find thoughtful, beautiful and fresh flower arrangements, professionally prepared is Rockcastle Florist. Our talented floral designers create flower arrangements that are spectacular and guaranteed to make your friends feel appreciated. This day was designated to be a memorable occasion of thoughtfulness and mutual understanding. It has become a popular worldwide event.  Most would agree that there is a sizable amount of diversity in this world regarding cultures and beliefs. Having an Internationally recognized day for people to stop, celebrate and promote understanding in human differences is valuable. The main purpose of this day is to help all of us appreciate the differences in our cultures and try to unite. In addition to sending beautiful flowers, there are other International Day of Friendship activities that can be enjoyable.  Several governments, individuals, and community interest groups work to schedule events that are designed to create or renew friendships within their communities and extending outside of their communities.  Parades displaying multiple country flags followed by music festivals hosted by multi-cultural bands are commonplace. If you are looking for some fun things to do on International Day of Friendship, below are a few ideas you can encourage children to do. Create a book filled with photos and stories about your special friendships. Create a big poster symbolizing all of the values of friendship. Make goodie baskets filled with special treats and give them to friends. Make homemade friendship bracelets The kids can create a friendship class book. Have kids write about what a friend means. Ask [...]

Delight Your Mom and Dad on National Parents’ Day with Fresh Rockcastle Florist Flowers

Rockcastle Florist is your local Kendall, New York florist If you want to be prepared to honor mom and dad on this National Parent's Day, order your fresh flowers from Rockcastle Florist. Parents are honored annually on the fourth Sunday in July. This year, in 2022, the meaningful holiday named National Parents' Day is July 24th. A caring and loving time when we can all pay a tribute to our parents for their sacrifices while raising us and preparing us to go out into the world. We honor parents as a never-failing support system we count on and therefore we know they deserve to be recognized with National Parents' Day Flowers. Of course, the best florist in Rochester to shop for flowers is Rockcastle Florist. Our Floral Designers have prepared caring bouquets and arrangements that will delight any mom or dad. On this day each year, numerous like-minded civic organizers gather nationwide to prepare celebrations to commemorate parents everywhere. This has been a tradition since 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution that effectively created National Parents' Day. President Clinton wisely felt it was important to publicly recognize the supporting role all parents play in the rearing of their children. In addition to beautiful and heartfelt flowers from Rockcastle Florist, you can also show kindness by doing other things. For example, you can set up a backyard picnic for the family, have fun spending time researching family genealogy, do some baking with mom and then most importantly simply say thank you to mom and dad for all of the wonderful memories and sacrifices. All of these will go a long way to making National Parents' Day very special. At some point in many adolescent lives, teenagers may feel like their parents are out of touch.  As we look [...]

Now is the Time to Contact Rockcastle Florist if You Need Wedding Flowers in the Upcoming Months

Rockcastle Florist is the best choice for wedding flowers in Finger Lakes area The snowball effect of the pandemic in early 2020 had an impact on many things including causing US Florists difficulties in receiving timely and complete flower orders from flower farms. If you are needing to have Wedding Flowers in the next 6-9 months, we strongly recommend that you start wedding planning with a florist as soon as possible.  Rockcastle Florist is the premier florist in Rochester NY area. One of our many specialties is the floral planning of elegant weddings. The flower shortage facing all florists is a combination of several factors. One thing is evident and that is most florists in the US and beyond are feeling the pressure. All are doing their very best to find ways to continue servicing their client base in the best way possible. At Rockcastle Florist, we have a professional team of wedding planning experts and designers that create stunning flower bouquets. We would be honored and delighted to get started with you in planning your wedding. Flower Supply Challenges Environmental Changes - Climates in some regions where flowers are grown have changed. In South America, they are reporting colder nights and more rainfall which has negatively affected flower production. Then domestically, many farms are located in California which as we know has been suffering from severe drought conditions. Rockcastle Bridal Bouquets Global Pandemic - We all understand the impact this horrific event had worldwide. This 2020 event snowballed into effecting many different industries including Wholesale Flower Growers. Many had to shut down farms due to quarantine requirements. This in turn resulted in laying off many workers and destroying tons of flowers. Some farms have not reopened and appear to have gone out of business. Breaking it down further [...]

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Beautiful and Fresh Office Plants are Available at Rockcastle Florist

Rockcastle Florist dish gardens and live green plants will last for years, assuming they are properly cared for Have you happened to notice the popularity of Office Plants when you visit businesses? Today, you often will find plants and flowers as an important part of the office decor. That is largely due to owners and managers understanding the benefits of Office Plants and Flowers for employees and customers. Rockcastle Florist has a wide selection of Fresh Plants and Flowers that are great for any office environment. Most often, it makes people feel that having plants and flowers in the office is like having a little piece of nature indoors. Most people enjoy nature, and this brings a feeling of peace and serenity to an otherwise hectic and demanding environment. Let's look at a list of the actual benefits many studies have shown are derived from having plants and flowers in the office. Increased Office Comfort - We spend many hours working in our offices. Basically, many waking hours. Plants can help the physical atmosphere by controlling such things as humidity. Plants have the ability to either add moisture or reduce moisture depending on the variety. Office Appearance - Companies, especially ones that have clients onsite for visits, want to have an attractive office space on display. Plants can make clients and employees feel more welcome when they enter the building. Better Creativity - Depending on the type of the business, certain offices have to have a constant sense of creativity. For example, a marketing company needs people to come up with sales ideas. Studies have shown that plants offer that feeling of being close to nature which in turn can spark more creative thinking. Increased Happiness - Sometimes an emotion like happiness is underrated. Most everyone would prefer to feel happy [...]

4th of July Flowers are Sparkling and Festive at Rockcastle Florist

Rockcastle Florist The talented Rockcastle Florist floral design team has worked diligently to ensure that you are fully prepared to celebrate the Independence Day holiday with your family and friends. When you purchase fresh, colorful and patriotic 4th of July Flowers from Rockcastle Florist, you will be purchasing the best flowers in the Finger Lakes area. Our flowers are fresh, beautiful and created with a sense of celebration for every occasion. They will make your home festive both inside and outside by creating a patriotic and proud atmosphere. There are many varieties of the patriotic Red, White and Blue Flowers to choose from. Below are some varieties of flowers that seem to be among the most popular for this holiday. All of these go well with outdoor 4th of July picnics or inside the home to add color and freshness. The flowers can also be placed on the front porch to make for a wonderful curb appeal to display your patriotism. As you browse in store on the Rockcastle Florist state of the art website, we welcome any questions or assistance that you may need. Bright and Bold Red Flower Varieties Red Roses - With their fresh perfume scent and brilliant red color, these always make for a great flower arrangement inside the home or on a patio table. Zinnias - These flowers offer the perfect shade of red to accent the 4th of July. They do come in other colors as well. Impatiens - If you have an area of your porch or patio that stays in full shade much of the time, Impatiens are the right flower for that spot. They also have a brilliant red color that is perfect for the 4th of July. Geraniums - This variety of flower really shows up for summer with large [...]

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