Rockcastle Florist dish gardens and live green plants will last for years, assuming they are properly cared for

Have you happened to notice the popularity of Office Plants when you visit businesses? Today, you often will find plants and flowers as an important part of the office decor. That is largely due to owners and managers understanding the benefits of Office Plants and Flowers for employees and customers. Rockcastle Florist has a wide selection of Fresh Plants and Flowers that are great for any office environment.

Most often, it makes people feel that having plants and flowers in the office is like having a little piece of nature indoors. Most people enjoy nature, and this brings a feeling of peace and serenity to an otherwise hectic and demanding environment. Let’s look at a list of the actual benefits many studies have shown are derived from having plants and flowers in the office.

Increased Office Comfort – We spend many hours working in our offices. Basically, many waking hours. Plants can help the physical atmosphere by controlling such things as humidity. Plants have the ability to either add moisture or reduce moisture depending on the variety.

Office Appearance – Companies, especially ones that have clients onsite for visits, want to have an attractive office space on display. Plants can make clients and employees feel more welcome when they enter the building.

Better Creativity – Depending on the type of the business, certain offices have to have a constant sense of creativity. For example, a marketing company needs people to come up with sales ideas. Studies have shown that plants offer that feeling of being close to nature which in turn can spark more creative thinking.

Increased Happiness – Sometimes an emotion like happiness is underrated. Most everyone would prefer to feel happy while they are working hard. Often the presence of plants creates a sense of happiness which changes the mood of the office. In addition, happier employees generally do not leave to join another company. Turnover is expensive.

Improved Acoustics – Studies have shown that offices with plants and flowers are less noisy. Plants actually have shown to have the ability to absorb some sound. We all know how distracting excessive noise can be when you are trying to focus on an assignment for talk on the phone with a customer.

Managing Stress – Offices can be stressful with the phones, emails, deadlines and interactions people are tasked with. Introducing some lovely plants and flowers to the workplace can and will help employees contend with the pressure packed environment. Happier and less stressed-out employees can lead to more productivity, satisfied customers and less turnover. In addition, studies have indicated that the fresh scents of certain plants can actually increase the ability to focus.


Desktop Monstera Plant

Your favorite plant person is going to love this gift. Send this fun monstera plant in a modern ceramic planter, perfect for the desk or on the floor to accent the space. This item will always be delivered in a neutral ceramic pot; however, substitutions may be necessary due to supply chain concerns,



Rockcastle Florist Office Plants and Flowers

We offer a wonderful selection of live green plants. Looking for a gorgeous dish garden? Check out our incredible selection of European gardens. Want something larger? We also offer beautiful live green Arboricolas, Croton, Dieffenbachia, Exotic green ferns and Spathiphyllum plants. One of the most popular plants ordered in the Finger Lakes NY area is our Emerald Garden Basket.

If you are looking for a gift that will last, our live green plant collection is great option for you. Our dish gardens and live green plants will last for years, assuming they are properly cared for. No matter where you special someone is located, we can get your plant deliver to them, same day.


Below are some popular varieties of Plants common for offices.

Red Aglaonema – These are another unique looking plant that add color to the office. They have sharp pointed leaves and pink stems.

Snake Plants – These plants are perfect for the spaces in the office that do not receive a lot of light. They do not require much care including constant watering.

Spider Plants – Very durable and hardy these are adaptable to all types of inside air elements. For offices with limited floor space, they can be used as hanging plants.

Succulents – Desert plants so place these in a very sunny area of the office. They add nice color and require little water.

Pohtos – These love to live indoors. They are a very prominent addition to any office as they have large green leaves.

Peace lily – One of the flowering plant varieties, the Peace Lily likes low light during the spring and summer.

ZZ Plants – These do great in low humidity and low light areas of the office. They make a nice decoration with their waxy green leaves.

Nerve Plant – Small plant that does well in low light.

Chinese Evergreen – Only requires weekly watering and very versatile. These do well in low light or indirect bright light.

Rubber plant – The Rubber Plant is a very popular office choice. These are low maintenance and have large and waxy leaves. They do best in moderate to bright indirect sunlight.

Philodendron – Another of the plant varieties that can be used in hanging baskets or on a trellis. They have glossy leaves that grow in numerous types of lighting.

Air Plants – A great option for small office spaces, these grow without soil and require only weekly misting. How is that for low maintenance!

Lucky Bamboo – Great for low-light situations, these are one of the more unique looking plants. They can be trained to grow in different patterns, and some can be grown in water instead of soil.


Modern Mood Succulent Garden

Happiness is sure to grow when this unique gift is delivered, featuring four low-maintenance plants in a mid-century ceramic planter with wooden base.


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