Rockcastle Florist is the best choice for wedding flowers in Finger Lakes area

The snowball effect of the pandemic in early 2020 had an impact on many things including causing US Florists difficulties in receiving timely and complete flower orders from flower farms. If you are needing to have Wedding Flowers in the next 6-9 months, we strongly recommend that you start wedding planning with a florist as soon as possible.  Rockcastle Florist is the premier florist in Rochester NY area. One of our many specialties is the floral planning of elegant weddings.

The flower shortage facing all florists is a combination of several factors. One thing is evident and that is most florists in the US and beyond are feeling the pressure. All are doing their very best to find ways to continue servicing their client base in the best way possible. At Rockcastle Florist, we have a professional team of wedding planning experts and designers that create stunning flower bouquets. We would be honored and delighted to get started with you in planning your wedding.

Flower Supply Challenges

Environmental Changes – Climates in some regions where flowers are grown have changed. In South America, they are reporting colder nights and more rainfall which has negatively affected flower production. Then domestically, many farms are located in California which as we know has been suffering from severe drought conditions.

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Global Pandemic – We all understand the impact this horrific event had worldwide. This 2020 event snowballed into effecting many different industries including Wholesale Flower Growers. Many had to shut down farms due to quarantine requirements. This in turn resulted in laying off many workers and destroying tons of flowers. Some farms have not reopened and appear to have gone out of business.

Breaking it down further to real numbers, the National Association of Wholesale Distributors reported that there were 5.64 million employed in the US floral industry at the end of December 2020. That equates to 247,717 jobs lost between 2019 and 2020. That is the lowest level of floral industry employment in the past seven years. Then furthering the problem was the reduced number of flowers that were grown.

Increased Number of Weddings – There is a huge increase in the number of weddings. Many were postponed due to the Pandemic. The U.S. Wedding Report study reported that in 2021 there were an estimated 1.93 million weddings scheduled. That number for 2022 has climbed to 2.47 million. This increase in the demand for wedding flowers coupled with the supply issues is making the problem worse.

Foreign Political Pressures – In many parts of the world there are political unrest matters. This is true in Ecuador which is a major supplier of wholesale flowers. There are many protests that have blocked major transportation routes. Numerous flower farms are unable or finding it difficult to transport their flowers to shippers.

Consequently, due to these issues, even though people have gotten back to normal and begun planning events again, there are now fewer flowers and workers to load trucks. Sadly, many flowers are left to die in the heat because they cannot be loaded onto trucks.

Rockcastle Florist has taken similar actions as other Florists to make some adjustments in order to continue great service for customers. Below are a few of the steps we have taken to best serve our customers in these difficult flower supply conditions.

Set Accurate Expectations – The last thing we want to do is over promise and under deliver.  When we set up a wedding consultation, we will provide honest and reasonable time frames to ensure your wedding flowers arrive on time and looking beautiful.

Early Wedding Bookings – Your wedding is a very important day. Due to the issues, we are all faced with regarding fresh flowers supply, we strongly encourage advance wedding planning.

Possible Substitutions – Unfortunately, it may be necessary to be flexible with wedding flower choices. While you will have first choices for your dream wedding flowers, it may not be possible in all cases to obtain those exact flowers.

Our mission is to do our very best to find alternatives to try and meet your expectations. One thing we are good at is flexing flowers. This is a technique that makes different varieties of flowers appear similar to the variety you are wanting. For example, Roses can be flexed to look like a Peony or Tulips to look like Gardenias etc.


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Rockcastle Florist was established in 1951. We are a family owned & operated floral design firm, with two locations in Rochester and Canandaigua. We serve all of Monroe, Ontario and Wayne counties. The owners of Rockcastle Florist are Wendy and Keith Rockcastle. They are lifelong residents of Greece and have family living in the Canandaigua community as well.

We are Wedding Flower and Event Flower Specialists. Our wedding and event team handle weddings and events of all sizes. We are experienced at working in large and small venues. Our team offers true turn-key solutions and will help you plan everything, right down to the finest details. We handle the floral design, flower delivery, venue flower set-up and take down after the event.

We employ a professional team of wedding flower experts. They are available to meet with you for Free and can help you create the perfect wedding flower package for your special day. The wedding flowers you select can help create that perfect ambiance and atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

People remember lots of things about weddings they attend, flowers are always something that leave a lasting impression. Rockcastle Florist can help you make your wedding one to be remembered.

The wedding flowers we create are absolutely breathtaking. We offer a number of affordable wedding flower packages and also offer fully customized wedding flower designs. Our design team is truly exceptional. They are known for their unique and artistic designs. This is your very special day.

You deserve the best. Rockcastle Florist is the best choice for wedding flowers in Finger Lakes area.


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