Rockcastle Castle Florist offers the best selection of Get-Well flowers in town


Rockcastle Florist provides same day flower delivery to Highland Hospital.  We are very proud that our flower shop was voted best florist in the Finger Lakes. We offer the best selection of get-well flowers in town. Customers wanting to send a gift to Highland Hospital can choose from either local same day or express delivery service. We also provide nationwide flower delivery service to hospitals located throughout the continental United States.

The flower delivery team at Rockcastle conducts multiple delivery runs to Highland Hospital each day. The hospital is located at 1000 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. That means that Highlands Medical Center is located squarely within our local delivery zone. That allows Rochester and Finger Lakes area customers who want to send flowers to patients at Highland to choose between local same day or express flower delivery service. We call our express delivery service, “Cupid’s Express.” The great thing about express service is, customers have the opportunity to specify the day and time, they want the arrangement to arrive.

Highland Hospital is one of the most popular medical centers in the greater Rochester New York area. People travel from all over the Finger Lakes area to seek treatment at Highland. The hospital offers a wide variety of treatment services. They offer cancer services, cardiac services, orthopedics and sports med, bariatric services and emergency room care.
Rockcastle Florist offers same day and express flower delivery service to Highland Hospital. We make daily delivery runs to the medical center, delivering flowers, plants and gifts to patients receiving care at Highland. Our delivery team is experienced and knows the hospital’s delivery requirements and best times of day to accomplish a delivery. As previously mentioned, “Cupid’s Express” is one of the more frequently utilized delivery options for gifts destined for patients.

Normally, our express delivery service can get flowers, plants or gifts delivered within 4 hours or less. Rockcastle Florist offers the best selection of fresh flowers, plants and gifts in Rochester New York. We offer stunning Ecuadorian roses, beautiful white, green and lavender hydrangea, gorgeous sunflowers, gerbera daisies and many more floral varieties. We offer lots of options in many different price ranges. If you are looking for some great get-well flower options, we encourage you to check out our Get-Well collection, displayed on the website.

Rockcastle Florist offers a great get-well plant collection. We offer live green and blooming plants. Our European dish gardens tend to be very popular. Another really popular plant variety is our high desert succulent collection. These succulents, if properly cared for, retain the beauty for a long period of time. All of these plants’ collections are available for same day delivery.
Rockcastle Florist offers the best selection of get-well gifts in Rochester. We have lots of gorgeous, farm fresh flowers and some really unique get-well gifts. Sending a gift to a child who is a patient? If so, we encourage you to add a plush animal, teddy bear or balloon to your gift purchase. If you are sending a gift for an adult, but are not looking for flowers, we encourage you to check out our gourmet gift and fruit baskets. They are filled with delicious gourmet edible treats, including fresh seasonal fruit, tasty gourmet crackers and cheese, gourmet chocolates and more.


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Tropical Punch Bouquet

Our modern, low-profile design enhanced with tropical orchids and protea is a colorful delight with our pop of turquoise hydrangea. Perfect for any occasion….especially for someone who loves the Tropics!

Rockcastle Florist Senior Citizen’s Day, National Kiss and Make Up Day and Just Because Day Flowers

World Senior Citizen’s Day

This special day is an official way to honor the accomplishments of our senior citizens and to raise awareness for the care of the aging. The loving devotion and role modeling these wonderful seniors have provided to their children and other young people they mentored is a lasting blessing.

Credited with the creation of World Senior Citizen’s Day, President Ronald Reagan signed the formal proclamation on August 19, 1988. Upon his announcement of the official designation of National Senior Citizen’s Day he made these comments:

“For all that, they have achieved throughout their lives and for all that they continue to do, we owe our gratitude and sincere greetings to our senior citizens. We can show our gratitude and appreciation better by making sure our communities are good places. Age and maturity, places where older people can participate as much as possible and find the encouragement, acceptance, support and services they need to continue living a life of independence and dignity.”

National Kiss and Make Up Day

This day provides a great opportunity to end any silly arguments with someone. And if the someone happens to be your significant other, perhaps a bit of kissing might be in order. From a purely scientific and chemical perspective, studies have shown the kissing releases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These are otherwise known as feel-good elixirs and can-do wonders for a relationship that has been under the stress of a disagreement.

In addition to loved ones, relationships of a more casual nature are extremely important as well. Whether co-workers, teammates, college dorm roommate or just a great friend, sincere and heartfelt apologies can go a long way to break a silence and start the healing process.

Just Because Day

Often the saying that spontaneity can be the spice of life rings so true. There is often difficulty in perception of a whimsical day called Just Because Day. It was created in the early sixties. We are in a changing world now which makes it even more challenging, Couple that with goals and objectives that we must each be accountable for on our jobs, raising a family and just the everyday workload that sometimes seems endless. The point of a day like this however is to spread positive feelings and joy not only to others but also to yourself.


Sunflower Smile Bouquet

Celebrate in style with this fun fresh arrangement of sunflowers accented with wild filler flower.


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