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Rockcastle Florist provides local same day and express flower delivery service to all of the hospitals in the Rochester Regional Health group. Rochester Regional Health operates five main hospitals in the Finger Lakes and upstate New York area. In addition to the primary hospitals, the health group includes hundreds of smaller urgent care and primary care facilities. This includes same day flower delivery to Laboratory Service Center at the Rochester General Hospital, the Lipson Cancer Institute at RGH, Unity OB/GYN at St. Mary’s, Internal Medicine at Clinton Crossings and many more medical facilities in the group.

Established in 1951, Rockcastle Florist is family owned & operated. With two locations in Greece and Canandaigua, we serve all of Monroe, Ontario and Wayne counties daily. Through our wire service, Teleflora, we deliver around the world! Our professional team members in each location are friendly, highly skilled and will make every effort to exceed your expectations. Via our world class website, we fulfill order requests from all over the world hoping to send flowers, plants, and gifts to the greater Rochester area.

Many of the flowers we sell are purchased directly from floral farms. We buy for both domestic and international growers. Buying direct offers great advantages for us and for our customers. There are often significant cost savings when buying from the flower farms. We routinely pass along much of those savings to our customers. Buying direct also reduces the time between when the flowers are cut at the farms and when they arrive here in Rome and Cedartown. By reducing that time frame, we can ensure the flowers arrive fresher. Creating flower arrangements with fresher flowers, means our customers get to enjoy them longer.

Rockcastle Florist backs every flower purchase with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the design we have created for you, please contact one of our floral design centers. We will replace that arrangement with one of equal or greater value. Many of the flowers we purchase many of the flowers we sell direct from the farms. That ensures our clients always have access to the highest quality floral products available. We guarantee that your get-well flowers will be fresh and beautiful when they arrive

Sweater Weather Mug Bouquet

Ok fall lovers, get on board with this trending line…Sweater Weather!

Filled with a soft, warm bouquet, just like your favorite sweater!! Send a cuddle and a warm hug with this new bouquet. Mug is printed on both sides.


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Rockcastle Florist offers Flowers and Plants perfect for the International Day of Peace

In 1981, the International Day of Peace was created by the United Nations General Assembly.  Twenty years later, the General Assembly voted to designate this day as a time of worldwide peace. Their mission was to have a time of cease – fire. All nations are invited to participate in this day of observance. Then in 2013 the Secretary – General of the United Nations dedicated International Day of Peace as a day to focus on world peace. The awareness this day creates for peace is solely devoted to the hope that the occurrence of war can be reduced. It is observed annually on September 21.

Annually the Peace Bell of the United Nations is rung in New York City which is the UN official headquarters. The bell is made from coins that were donated from children across the globe in numerous continents. An inscription on the bell reads “Long live absolute world peace”. The United Nations Association of Japan dedicated the bell as a gift and as symbol of the cost of human life caused by war.

In addition to sending beautiful and thoughtful Rockcastle Florist Plants and Flowers, there are several ways to recognize International Day of Peace.

  • Competition – A friendly sporting event creates goodwill. When teams compete against each other in a friendly game of some type, a good deal of fair play, camaraderie and peace can be created.
  • Team-Building Activities – Many companies host sales and team building sessions on a routine basis. Why not create one that has a theme of global peace or at least peace in the office.  This is great way to bring people together and have them let down their defense mechanisms for some friendly non-threatening enjoyment.
  • Poster for Peace – The United Nations publishes the International Day of Peace Poster. If you are a schoolteacher or Sunday school teacher, you can print the poster and use it as a discussion topic. What a great way to increase awareness.
  • Talk with Children – Teaching children the meaning of peace is critical to the future. As adult role models, parents, teachers, coaches and other older people have an obligation to help children grasp the meaning of a peaceful society and an appreciation for International Day of Peace. Since children are our future, educating them about peaceful relations can bring about positive change in the world.
  • Moment of Silence – As with many solemn occasions, International Day of Peace offers the opportunity for everyone around the globe to stop at noon for their region and be silent for one full minute. How you choose to spend that moment of silence is up to each individual. Some meditate, others pray for those that have given their lives in war and still others simply find joy in sharing the honor of such a day.


Happy Jack White Bouquet

This cheerful autumn bouquet is perfect for any occasion this time of year. Full of fall flowers, orange Asiatic lilies, and white carnations, and held in a wooden keepsake container.



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