Planning for Intimate Holiday Parties

Every year, the holidays require plenty of planning and attention to pull off a memorable and fun event for you, your family, and friends. This year's planning is a bit more challenging because of the restrictions that mean much smaller, more intimate gatherings with just close family or a few friends. However, you can still create a festive setting for Christmas and New Year's gatherings. Here are some tips for planning a small holiday get-together in-person or as part of a virtual event. If you are meeting in-person, make sure to add as much holiday decor as possible to add cheer. More people are adding lights and outside displays than ever before with so many more stuck at home to see and enjoy it. You can do the same as well as add poinsettia plants to your porch and walkways as well as garlands to your porch railings and a wreath on your door. Some people are even putting wreaths on their garage doors. Once inside, your guests can also enjoy a festive display as they go from room-to-room. It is fun to create a theme for each social space as well as add a small bouquet to any guest rooms if you have guests staying with you. Don't forget to light up some scented candles and create your Spotify holiday music playlist.  Make sure to add a large centerpiece to the dining table to enjoy during Christmas dinner as well as any New Year's festivities you plan on holding. This is a special way to decorate the table! Now, you may be planning for a completely different type of holiday celebration this year, adding a virtual get-together to your festivities. If you do use video conferencing to get-together or a meal or social activities, plan on coordinating your spaces [...]

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Floral Options for the Holidays

The holiday season continues and offers all of us a way to refocus on cheerful times of giving and sharing among family, friends, colleagues, and other special people in our lives. With Christmas days away, it's time to finish up getting all those gifts for those on your holiday wish list, including service personnel, teachers, neighbors, and anyone else who was a big help during such a difficult year. We offer a variety of floral options, including wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, bouquets, gifts, and holiday decor for your holiday gift-giving needs with sam day local delivery throughout the Finger Lakes. Holiday Decor Decorate your home and help those around you to do the same by getting festive and fresh wreaths, garlands, and poinsettia plants for the outside and inside. These floral and plant displays for the holidays offer a way to add cheer in large measure, covering a lot of area with gifts from nature. Centerpieces for the Table A holiday centerpiece for the dining table adds to the Christmas look for dinners. You can also add a centerpiece to other tables in your home, such as a coffee table in your gathering or family room. If you have a long dining room table, you may even want to use two centerpieces to create a unified look. Use centerpieces with pillar or taper candles where you want to create ambiance with lower light. Our centerpieces offer many styles and colors. For example, we have some winter wonderland-themed, white centerpieces that work well for both Christmas and New Year's! Holiday Gifts Galore Our Finger Lakes flower shops and website also provide many thoughtful holiday gifts, including gift packages, boxes, and baskets filled with gourmet food, fruit, or both. Many of our gift items come from local Rochester small businesses like ourselves, helping you [...]

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Bring Others Joy on Poinsettia Day

This holiday season, giving and letting others know they are loved and cared for has become more important than ever. Let's face it, 2020 has been a tough year for just about everyone. And, with continued restrictions through the end of the year, the sense of isolation and loneliness may increase as the typical activities, including parties and large gatherings are discouraged. Now is the time to focus on bringing others joy, which, in the process of doing so, can also add joy to your own life. A good place to start is this Saturday, December 12th. That's Poinsettia Day, a day that became a national event in 2002 when Congress made it official. However, poinsettia plants have been spreading joy for a lot longer. Dating back to the 1300s, the poinsettia plant has been used for various purposes, including its dye properties. In more modern times, the poinsettia plant has become a favorite symbol of Christmas with bright red blooms or crisp white blooms. There are over 100 varieties of poinsettia plants to choose from, although you typically only see just a few color choices. Our Rochester flower shop and florist locations around the Finger Lakes are your source for fresh poinsettia plants to decorate your own home and, more importantly, to gift to others. Many people may skip buying a poinsettia plant and choose to decorate other ways, which is why it makes such a great gift. You always want to get the item that your recipient would like but may not want to spend money on. It's a versatile gift, working for just about anyone, including teachers, neighbors, service personnel, friends, clients, colleagues, and more.  We offer single and double poinsettia plants in a few colors. Other options are holiday gardens in various containers, sizes, and plant [...]

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Our Finger Lakes Showrooms are Brimming with Holiday Cheer!

The holiday season is here. First, Hanukkah arrives with the Festival of Lights celebration, starting on December 10th and ending on December 18th. Then, Christmas is December 25th. While some of you celebrate one or the other, some families combine both special celebrations and traditions. Whatever you plan to do, now is the time to start decorating for the holidays. While many of you may have started even earlier this year because you are working from home, others may be just beginning to decorate. To help you add Christmas cheer and Hanukkah spirit to your home, both indoors and outdoors, our Finger Lakes showrooms, including our Rochester flower shop and Canandaigua florist location, are brimming over with festive decor and gift ideas. We have wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, holiday plants like poinsettias, bouquets, stocking stuffers, and heartfelt gift options for family, friends, colleagues, client, neighbors, teachers, service personnel, and others. Let's start with our Hanukkah collection, which features centerpieces, bouquets, and floral displays that honor the symbolic hues of blue and white. There are many stunning options to choose from, whether you decorate the entire house for this holiday or dedicate one special room to this celebration. Our Christmas collection has been expanded this year to offer more ways to create a festive home this year since more of you may be choosing to stay put versus travel. Starting on the outside of your home, we offer a wide range of wreaths -- from rustic and traditional to modern and elegant -- with ribbons, pinecones, baubles, and more. You can also display fresh garlands on your porch railings as well as line your walkway with poinsettia plants. A nice touch is to add a boxwood tree decorated with lights and baubles. Upon entering your home, think about how you can add [...]

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A Variety of Holiday Floral Options For Local and National Delivery

Rockcastle Florist Finger Lakes Florist Offers Holiday Gifts For Everyone As the "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes," we are your go-to source for holiday decorating and gifts, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Our floral design team creates imaginative works of floral art for our collections and for custom flower arrangements. We deliver throughout the Finger Lakes and across the country through our florist network throughout the holiday season. Here are some floral gift ideas that are sure to please recipients whether they are family members, friends, colleagues, clients, or service personnel. Holiday Blooming Garden Our Holiday Blooming Garden is a long-lasting gift that will continue to give long past the Christmas holiday. It is filled with red and green plants, including a poinsettia. Each of the plants can be replanted in a garden or container and offer low-maintenance.  Woodland Wonder Centerpiece Give your holiday host a special centerpiece that they can display on the Christmas table that everyone can enjoy. This rustic design is perfect for someone who loves the country look. it features hydrangea, live succulents, protea, and lotus pods. Merry Vintage Christmas Bouquet  Wish others a merry Christmas with this heart-warming floral display. It even comes with a keepsake container. Flowers and greenery include red spray roses and carnations, grevillea, flat cedar, noble fir, and white pine.  Truckin' Into Christmas  Another two-in-one gift this holiday, this bouquet includes a keepsake Christmas red pickup truck container filled with seasonal flowers and greenery as well as baubles and berries. Make it Merry Bouquet  This festive gift is sure to bring a smile to your recipient's face. The keepsake holiday container has red roses and white carnations, along with plaid ribbon and ornamental snowflakes. Custom Holiday Floral Gifts If you are looking for even more unique floral gifts this holiday season, make an [...]

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Bring Joy to Those Around You on Poinsettia Day!

Rockcastle Florist Finger Lakes Florist Offers Stunning Poinsettias For Christmas As the "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes," we are your go-to source for holiday decorating and gifts, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Our floral design team creates imaginative works of floral art for our collections and for custom flower arrangements. We deliver throughout the Finger Lakes and across the country through our florist network. We're ready to celebrate Christmas, starting with Poinsettia Day on December 12th. This is a day to recognize and buy one of the most treasured symbols of the holiday season. You can buy poinsettia plants to decorate your home or office or you can select one or more to give as thoughtful gifts to neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues, clients, or service personnel.  We have red poinsettias and white poinsettias to choose from in multiple sizes. This gives you a lot of variety and ways to add a colorful display at your home or office. Their broad leaves help cover a lot of space, which helps if you have a large area to decorate. Our holiday collection also includes holiday garden gift baskets with poinsettias and a mix of seasonal foliage, green plants, and blooming plants. Besides their beauty, poinsettias are easy to care for and very long lasting. They only need just a little water and some indirect light. With just a little maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy your poinsettia plants for a year or more. It may even bloom next Christmas! Order today to celebrate Poinsettia Day. Plus, check out the rest of our holiday collection for decorations and gifts.

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Festive Gift Ideas For Hanukkah and Christmas at our Finger Lakes Floral Showroom

Rockcastle Florist Finger Lakes Florist Features Holiday Decor For the Season As the "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes," we are your go-to source for holiday decorating and gifts, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Our floral design team creates imaginative works of floral art for our collections and for custom flower arrangements. We deliver throughout the Finger Lakes and across the country through our florist network. We're ready to celebrate with new floral designs for Hanukkah and Christmas to decorate your home, office, or upcoming holiday event. Hanukkah We have numerous Hanukkah flowers to celebrate Hanukkah, which is December 22nd to December 30th this year. For example, our Spinning Dreidels Centerpiece showcases Asiatic lilies, white carnations, silver leaves and gems as well as features two silver candles. We also have Hanukkah bouquets and flower arrangements to decorate or even give as gifts to other family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and clients. Christmas We have a wide range of Christmas floral designs, including wreaths and garlands, centerpieces, and flower arrangements. Our Christmas collection also features poinsettia plants, which are great for offices and homes as well as upcoming holiday parties. Wreaths and garlands are made from fresh evergreen and add a festive touch both outdoors and indoors this season as do our fresh evergreen garlands. You can choose from different designs and color combinations. Enhance both your wreaths and garlands by adding your own Christmas lights. Centerpieces are important for the Christmas dinner table. However, they also work well for living room and family room tables as well as for any buffet tables you set up. Bouquets and flower arrangements can be added to your foyer to welcome guests as well as to various rooms throughout the house. Don't forget to add Christmas flowers to the guest room to give your guests Christmas cheer! Custom [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide

Not sure what to get your sister in law? Or maybe your office mate is impossible to shop for? Here's the gift guide for every difficult to shop for person on your list. For the person who loves Christmas. We all know someone who has their Christmas tree up on November 1st. The perfect gift for the Christmas lover in your life is a classic Poinsettia. This beautiful winter flowering plant comes in white, pink, and a beautiful crimson which is sure to accentuate any Christmas decor. For the person with a sweet tooth. Need the perfect gift for the friend who always makes two trips to the dessert table? Send some handcrafted chocolate made here in Rochester by Hedonist Artisan Chocolate. We recommend their seasonal candy cane bark to put a pep in your step this season. For the person that never stops talking about their dog. We all love our pets, but some people really love their dogs. Check out the pet-themed grab and go gifts from both of our store locations. For the person who always hosts the party. Going to a party and need a gift for the host? A centerpiece is always welcome on a table. The Canandaigua Christmas Centerpiece is the perfect gift for any holiday home. For the person going through a hard time. Whether it's a friend with bad luck or someone dealing with more, a dammit doll is always going to make the recipient smile. Especially when they get to swing it around a little bit! For your desk neighbor at work. Need to give a gift to your BFF at work? Look no further. A succulent planter livens up their desk but is very low maintenance and will survive with little light. Plus there's a bright blooming plant to color [...]

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Holiday Shopping Events Planned at Our Finger Lakes Flower Shop

Rockcastle Florist Finger Lakes Florist Offers Great Holiday Deals As the "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes," we are your go-to source for holiday decorating and gifts, including the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Our floral design team creates imaginative works of floral art for our collections and for custom flower arrangements. We deliver throughout the Finger Lakes and across the country through our florist network. We're ready to celebrate with new floral designs for Christmas as well as special holiday deals and promotions. We've been working hard to fill all the orders for Thanksgiving while getting our Christmas collection and flower shop ready for the holiday shopping days. We're excited to greet you on Black Friday, November 29th as well as Small Business Saturday on November 30th. Plus, we've readied our website for Cyber Monday on December 2nd. Here's a little taste of what we've g to for you this holiday season: Christmas wreaths, garlands, and poinsettias await with many styles and colors to choose from, so you can welcome guests as they arrive to your home and create a warm and festive feel inside. We have fun arrangements like the Candy Cane Christmas basket as well as more elegant holiday displays like the Park Avenue Gathering centerpiece. Candy Cane Christmas features red and whitecarnations, pine cones, candy canes and more. Park Avenue Gathering offers burgundy and champagne ornaments, white roses, and gold pinecones along with seasonal greenery and festive accents. Our holiday collection also includes bouquets and arrangements to send to loved ones or to gift to a holiday host for their hospitality. There are many floral designs that are also perfect for service people who have helped you out all year or as thank you gifts to customers or clients. Don't forget that we also do holiday decorating for Christmas parties, weddings, [...]

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Shop Local For Christmas Presents at Rockcastle

Shopping local here in Rochester means you can find unique gifts from local artisans and support small business owners. Plus, you are more than likely enjoy a more personalized shopping experience even if you shop through the small business owner's website. That's what we pride ourselves on at our two Rochester flower shop locations. And, our Christmas collection makes it easy to find something for everyone on your list, including all those people who helped you out throughout the year like teachers, colleagues, clients, and service personnel. Check out these holiday gift ideas: Christmas Charm Basket This holiday basket is full of Christmas spirit with red carnations and roses, faux berries, and snow-dusted pinecones in a woven basket.  Festive Fragrance Enjoy sending this tall display of fresh seasonal red and white flowers and evergreens. The big red bow adds some holiday flair to this special gift. Joyful Gesture Bouquet Spread the joy of the season by sending this merry bouquet of red and white seasonal flowers, winter greens, and red berries in a ginger jar vase. Fancy Holiday Fruit and Gourmet Basket We have a lot of amazing gift baskets that are perfect to show your gratitude this season. This holiday gift basket is overflowing seasonal fruits and gourmet treats tied together with a stylish ribbon. A perfect gift for anyone. Holiday Fruit Basket Fruit only gift baskets are made with fresh seasonal fruit and presented in a natural gift box. Perfect for any occasion. Holiday Gourmet Basket This is a large gift basket with gourmet savory and sweet snacks that may include cheese, crackers, cookies, nuts and candy. All the goodies arrive in a basket. The Ultimate Christmas Basket This is our largest gift basket for the holidays and is so large that your recipient may even share!  There is a [...]

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