Celebrate Make a Difference By Giving Flowers, Plants, and Thoughtful Gifts

Rockcastle Florist The Finger Lakes Florist with Great Gift Ideas That Make a Difference Rockcastle Florist offers bouquets, plants, and unique gifts for customers throughout the Finger Lakes area of New York through multiple flower shops. We've been voted "Best Florist in the Finger Lakes" on numerous occasions because we focus on delivering the best service, quality, variety, and value to our customers whether they need flowers or gifts for a special occasion, an event or wedding, or just to decorate their homes and offices. Make a Difference Day is October 26th and is a day where you can focus on making a positive impact on those around you whether they are friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or acquaintances. You never know when someone is struggling or feeling sad, so a thoughtful gift on this special day might make a difference by cheering them up. Here are other ideas on how to use flowers, plants, and other gifts to make a difference: Gifts For Schools and Organizations Create and send gift baskets to schools, nonprofits, and other organizations that can use them for their members or students. Or, these could be used for raffle and auction events to raise money to do good.   Flowers to Hospitals and Nursing Homes Find out who might be all alone in your community hospital or nursing home and then send them a small bouquet. You might also visit them and bring the floral gift with you. Housewarming or New Neighbors If someone has just recently moved into your neighborhood, think about welcoming them with a plant, dish garden, or gift basket so they know others in the community want to include them. An Apology Think about any long-standing feuds or issues you have that might be your fault where an apology may help make a difference in your relationship with another [...]

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Make a Difference Day in Rochester

Saturday, October 28th is Make a Difference in Rochester and around the country. This day is set aside for service, community, and volunteer projects in your area where you can make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, or groups. Whether it is doing errands for a neighbor who is sick or elderly or it's building a house for a Vet, or it's taking part in a community clean-up event, you are making a difference to people, places, and our planet. This type of day inspires more people to get involved. There is even a website for Make a Difference Day that lets you explore existing projects that you can join on Make a Difference Day in your zip code. You can even create your own event, project, or idea to help out. We want you to know that you can also show others how much you appreciate the change they are enacting by sending them a bouquet. Or, you can gift someone with a flower arrangement who you know needs cheering up. Either way, you are also making a difference for others. Here are some ideas for gifts on Make a Difference Day: Artfully Yours Bouquet This flower arrangement is sure to brighten anyone's day. It comes in a pink glass vase and includes hydrangea, roses, lilies, and gerberas. Crisp Leaves Bouquet The keepsake colored glass vase contains a mix of flowers, including a gerbera daisy, rose, alstroemeria, and spray roses.  Give Thanks Bouquet This is a special way to show your appreciation through the symbolism of flowers. This fall bouquet contains golden aster, sunflowers, and seeded eucalyptus arranged in a keepsake amber vase. Wine Country Bouquet This brilliant floral display features purple alstroemeria, carnations, and roses along with faux grapes. Fall Foliage The flower arrangement includes a keepsake colored glass [...]

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