Add More Flowers to Your Life with BloomGal Subscription Service

Our BloomGal subscription flower service has been available for a few months now throughout the Finger Lakes, including our Rochester flower shop and our website. It's proving to be a very popular way to add flowers to your life on a regular basis. Subscription services have become a popular way to receive items on a regular basis without having to do all the work of shopping and ordering every month. Instead, it's all curated for you based on your preferences. It's a great way to also discover new products. When we saw just how popular these subscription services were becoming, it made sense to create a premium floral service. That's how BloomGal got started as the brainchild of the co-owner of Rockcastle Florist, Wendy Rockcastle. With the help of her daughter, Mary Ethel Rockcastle, this dynamic duo wanted to bring more beauty to their friends and neighbors by offering the local floral subscription service, BloomGal. However, the ladies behind the special subscription service also wanted to add a special and personalized component. And, that is they wanted to highlight women in the community who inspire them and those that know them. When someone nominates a BloomGal, they get featured on the BloomGal blog. This is an excellent way to empower women in the local community and help everyone understand that everyone is special in some way or another. The flower subscription service is easy. You just choose a size and the frequency. For example, you can choose to have the flowers delivered bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or seasonally. Prices start at $50 for each frequency and come with free delivery. You can send the flowers to yourself or someone else as long as they are in the Finger Lakes area. While we hope to expand in the near future, we have [...]