Our Finger Lakes Showrooms are Brimming with Holiday Cheer!

The holiday season is here. First, Hanukkah arrives with the Festival of Lights celebration, starting on December 10th and ending on December 18th. Then, Christmas is December 25th. While some of you celebrate one or the other, some families combine both special celebrations and traditions. Whatever you plan to do, now is the time to start decorating for the holidays. While many of you may have started even earlier this year because you are working from home, others may be just beginning to decorate. To help you add Christmas cheer and Hanukkah spirit to your home, both indoors and outdoors, our Finger Lakes showrooms, including our Rochester flower shop and Canandaigua florist location, are brimming over with festive decor and gift ideas. We have wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, holiday plants like poinsettias, bouquets, stocking stuffers, and heartfelt gift options for family, friends, colleagues, client, neighbors, teachers, service personnel, and others. Let's start with our Hanukkah collection, which features centerpieces, bouquets, and floral displays that honor the symbolic hues of blue and white. There are many stunning options to choose from, whether you decorate the entire house for this holiday or dedicate one special room to this celebration. Our Christmas collection has been expanded this year to offer more ways to create a festive home this year since more of you may be choosing to stay put versus travel. Starting on the outside of your home, we offer a wide range of wreaths -- from rustic and traditional to modern and elegant -- with ribbons, pinecones, baubles, and more. You can also display fresh garlands on your porch railings as well as line your walkway with poinsettia plants. A nice touch is to add a boxwood tree decorated with lights and baubles. Upon entering your home, think about how you can add [...]