Bring Others Joy on Poinsettia Day

This holiday season, giving and letting others know they are loved and cared for has become more important than ever. Let's face it, 2020 has been a tough year for just about everyone. And, with continued restrictions through the end of the year, the sense of isolation and loneliness may increase as the typical activities, including parties and large gatherings are discouraged. Now is the time to focus on bringing others joy, which, in the process of doing so, can also add joy to your own life. A good place to start is this Saturday, December 12th. That's Poinsettia Day, a day that became a national event in 2002 when Congress made it official. However, poinsettia plants have been spreading joy for a lot longer. Dating back to the 1300s, the poinsettia plant has been used for various purposes, including its dye properties. In more modern times, the poinsettia plant has become a favorite symbol of Christmas with bright red blooms or crisp white blooms. There are over 100 varieties of poinsettia plants to choose from, although you typically only see just a few color choices. Our Rochester flower shop and florist locations around the Finger Lakes are your source for fresh poinsettia plants to decorate your own home and, more importantly, to gift to others. Many people may skip buying a poinsettia plant and choose to decorate other ways, which is why it makes such a great gift. You always want to get the item that your recipient would like but may not want to spend money on. It's a versatile gift, working for just about anyone, including teachers, neighbors, service personnel, friends, clients, colleagues, and more.  We offer single and double poinsettia plants in a few colors. Other options are holiday gardens in various containers, sizes, and plant [...]